Welcome to the home page of Paul Bradley and Sarah Beecham. This site is under re-construction; please follow the links below for more information.

If you want to get in touch with us on-line, Paul's MSN account is bardster69@hotmail.com. Sarah has given up on MSN as being too full of weird people. (There will be contact information on her own website in due course.)

Our Websites

Historic link: The Probetech Crafts website. While we still both do craftwork (recreationally and for cold, hard cash - or warm, squishy cash, for that matter), this website hasn't been updated for some time. We are no longer members of The Vikings, so this website should just be regarded as a bit of a showcase for what we can do. It may be revamped in the future if we get the time (or if Sarah needs the practice).

Another historic link: Sarah's CObdata website. This provides a repository for a number of user-created add-ons for the artificial life simulation Creatures. Note, these are for the original game, not subsequent versions. The game is now into its second decade, and many of these files are no longer available anywhere else on the web. The site itself is an example of a clean, fast-loading design prior to CSS; the coding may be updated in future, but if it's not broke, why fix it?

Sarah's business website - coming soon.

Websites we're associated with elsewhere

Allington Castle Archers - website designed and maintained by Paul.

The Bushcraft Magazine - ditto; both of us maintain the online forum.

Our Etsy store - nothing there currently, there maybe in the near future.

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