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Who we are

An IT professional (Paul) and a previously-IT-professional of no fixed vocation (Sarah) in our mid-thirties who fell into craft work via our membership of The Vikings, Britain's largest dark-age re-enactment society.

What we do

A whole range of crafts! Paul has recently acquired a lathe and started woodturning again. He still does leatherwork and is increasingly involved in archery-related crafts, including arrow fletching and bow making. Sarah occasionally helps with the leatherwork, but mainly spins, dyes and produces 'narrow wares' - the technical term for tablet weaving and various forms of braiding. We can both provide craft-work that meets authenticity requirements for several periods throughout history.

This site

Aims to give an idea of what we have done and what we can do; in time we hope to include "how to" guides on some of the techniques. Keep checking back, as the site will be updated this month - honest!


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